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Online Fundraising Has Never Been Easier

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Parent Approved Fundraising! Raise funds in less than 5 minutes just by clicking a few buttons on your phone.

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Schools maximize their profit potential more than any other fundraiser in just 2 short weeks!

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Students have fun and become physically & mentally fit while fundraising for their school!

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95% of teachers & staff agree this fundraiser raises overall school morale!

Feats For Funds is Founded by PTA Moms & Dads!

We Are Locally Owned & Operated!

Why Choose Feats For Funds?

Our online platform, experienced Feats for Funds staff support, our promotional tools, and our extensive reporting makes school volunteer support easier and your profits larger!








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Raise More, Keep More

At Feats For Funds we believe that schools should keep what they raise. We help you reach the most amount of donors in minimal time with limited volunteer help. Our schools profit more than any other type of fundraiser, while getting the most online tools, resources, reporting, and support.

Immediate Funds

Never wait to receive your funds! Your post-event statement is available as soon as your event closes out. Once the statement is approved, the funds are immediately distributed to your school or organization.

Complete Financial Transparency

With our detailed reporting and administrative dashboard, you will have access to real time data on every donation that is made to your school or organization. And even better…we do the credit card processing for you. At Feats For Funds we recognize that volunteer time is valuable. Therefore, our team of trusted professionals takes care of handling processing issues, chargebacks, and more, leaving the fun stuff to your volunteers!

Minimal Costs

At Feats For Funds we try to keep your costs to a minimum. That is why we are founded on the
franchise business model. Through this business model, we are able to keep our costs lower, which allows us to offer our platform at a lower cost to you. Not only are costs lower, but every Feats For Funds fundraiser is locally owned and operated by someone who is invested in YOUR schools and community.

Online Resources at Your Fingertips

Easy Online Platform

Fundraising has never been easier! Donors can donate to your school or organization with just a few clicks from their phone or PC. Our online platform allows for easy, stress-free donating thus eliminating the need for check and cash donations which is time consuming for volunteers.

Student Pages

Each participant has his or her personalized donation page. The student page allows for easy tracking of personal fundraising goals, prize rewards, and easy share buttons. With a few simple clicks from your phone, individual student pages can be shared with friends and family around the globe. With our far-reaching tools, more than 68% of donations come from outside of the home.

Promotional Tools

Access to our promotional toolbox which contains branded marketing tools to help promote your fundraiser online and around campus. Including flyer templates, poster templates, email templates, social media posts, and more!

Locally Owned PTA Support

Each franchise is locally owned and operated by someone who has a vested interest in the educational community. Each franchisee is trained by the experienced and knowledgeable Feats For Funds team, all of whom bring with them years of fundraising and/or PTA experience. All of our franchisees are equipped to support their schools throughout each fundraiser.

Online Book Hub

Access to our library of age appropriate, educator vetted books. At Feats For Funds, our goal is to empower participants to be the best versions of themselves. We do this not only through a fun, fitness-focused fundraising model, but also by providing age appropriate books that engage students and encourage them to embrace the character trait of each book. Such character traits include teamwork, kindness, grit, determination, and many more.  Teachers have the option to play the audio version of the books, or read the books aloud to their students.

Detailed Reporting

With our online platform for donations, we are able to offer real time data that translates into detailed reporting. These reporting tools are vital to the success of your fundraiser as they offer insight into daily donation trends and allow the fundraising team to adjust their marketing accordingly. The reports also include daily prize delivery for participants, transaction history, participation reports, as well as many other reports.

See What People Are Saying About Feats For Funds

"Our middle school has had the most lucrative and smoothly run fundraisers with our fun runs. It’s easy for the PTA, easy for the teachers, and easy for the parents. More importantly than all of that is that the kids have an absolute BLAST doing it."

  • Katie K.

    PTA President
    Mandeville, LA

"The Feats For Funds fundraiser was a huge success at our school. Not only did we meet our goal - we had fun while doing it! The team was amazing. They were always available and went out of their way to make it a success for our school. The students had so much fun and the feedback from the parents was all positive. It was a great way for the school community to come together. Kudos to Feats For Funds! We can’t wait to do it again next year."

  • Karen B.


"As a mom, the Kids' Fun Run was a delightful surprise. Seeing my child run with giggles and surrounded by other cheerful kids was heartwarming. Thank you for creating a joyful event that made fitness feel like playtime!"

  • Beth W.

    PTA Volunteer

Meet Our Star Team
Heidi Drott-577x700

CEO and PTA Mom

Heidi Drott

Having 3 small children in our local public schools, I quickly saw how vital fundraising is to the success of not only our schools, but each individual student. Fundraising bridges the financial gaps that occur in our educational systems. It provides funds that can help elevate a school from just average to above average. Fundraising provides schools with the missing resources that equips each child with the necessary tools to reach their full potential and sets them up for future success.

With a background in marketing and business management and a passion for volunteering and fundraising at my own children’s schools, coupled with a passion for fitness and health, Feats For Funds was founded. Our company is rooted in the values of fitness, fun, grit, determination, accountability, and leadership. With our franchise model, each Feats For Funds fundraiser is owned and operated by someone in the local community who has a vested interest in the success of our schools and our children. Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow…one fundraising goal at a time.


President and Father of Four

Charles Willis

Charles is not just a visionary entrepreneur; he's also a committed father of four deeply involved in the public school system through the Watch D.O.G.S. program. His journey is grounded in a solid educational background, with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from LSU and an MBA in Project Management.

In 2009, Charles launched a pioneering venture by founding Pinot’s Palette. His exceptional leadership transformed this local start-up into a nationally acclaimed franchise brand, setting a new standard in the Paint and Sip industry. Charles's strategic expertise in business expansion, supply chain optimization, and market development has been crucial to the brand's remarkable growth.

Now, Charles is dedicated to helping schools not just bridge but surpass their budgetary gaps. His professional achievements and personal commitments are a testament to his unwavering dedication to innovation, strategic growth, and community engagement, making him a standout figure in both the business world and his local community.